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Hey guys, today we have a special treat for you. This time we have some Kay Parker videos just for your viewing pleasure. And this is yet another scene from the movie Taboo in which she starred in. But what makes this awesome is that this is the threesome scene where Kay got around to being fucked by two guys at the same time. She was just waiting for an opportunity like this, because she loves to fuck, just like slutty Lisa Deleeuw, another hot model. Since now both her ass and pussy would get around to being filled by cock at the same time, and you know that’s what she simply adores.

It started off with her sucking on both the guy’s cocks at the same time, and when the guys were all nice and hard, it was time for the threesome sex encounter to full fledgedly commence. For a while one guy was pounding her pussy nice and hard while she was still sucking the other guy’s cock, which was playing with her big round tits. But then came the moment she was waiting for, namely to have both their cocks inside her at the same time, in a hard style DP fucking. Enjoy and stay tuned for more guys! Bye-Bye!


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Kay Parker XXX

You guys know we always have the best kay parker xxx scenes, and we pride ourselves on bringing you the best of this retro porn star’s work. Well today miss kayparker found herself in a terrible pinch. She was off on vacation with her man and she suddenly felt an urge to slurp down on some cock. So without a warning she went under the covers attempting to make her man horny, while the dude was still sleeping. Well, as soon as her hand was caressing his cock he wasn’t asleep anymore, he knew he’d have to cater to his woman’s needs.

Sure enough his cock was getting harder and harder, and when she started sucking it it got big and rock hard in her mouth. But she wasn’t don with just that. She continued to blow him off, working up a steady pace. Soon she was going fast and hard in her cock sucking venture to the sheer pleasure of the guy. Eventually he blew his load in her thirsty mouth and she didn’t let one drop spill. He thought he’d be getting more, but it seems that this lady was done with just that. Anyway, see you next time, everyone. Wanna see other beauties sucking and fucking? Visit the http://www.joymii.us site! Have fun!


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Taboo Kay Parker

This update features another taboo Kay Parker gallery from the movie with the same name. The super hot porn star can be seen having sex with her newest acquisition just like in dawnsplace bj scene tonight as she never fails to put her womanly charms to work when she wants to have a certain guy just for herself. To be honest now, who in their right mind would turn down an offer from this smoking hot mature when she offers up her pussy and big tits for you to play with? The answer is no one, and trust us this guy didn’t refuse either.

So watch the sexy kayparker as she starts by jerking him off and sucking his big cock to lube it nicely for what she needs it to do. Since this milf likes to have anal sex too. Watch her suck on that cock like a champ and then see her mount it, and ride it to the pleasure of the guy. When she was finally done with her pussy she switched form having him fuck her cunt to having him fuck her ass. And this time she made him go balls deep inside her with all he had. Enjoy guys, and see you next time with more, until then bye!


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Cock Hungry Kay

Kay Parker and her friend continue their spree of fucking horny guys in this update too. They got their lusty hands on yet another random dude that was ready to service both of their eager pussies. And since you saw last week’s update , you know that these two sex addicts always have their way with men. So enjoy seeing them rock this guy’s world for this update as they decide to be good sports taking turns to ride him yet again. Not that the guy was upset about it or anything. That only means more pussy for him!

And to get straight to the action, both of the ladies were wearing some very nice and sexy black lingerie that is just impossible to not turn you on. And it worked as the guy got hard the instant the beauties took of their clothes. So watch him fuck both of their pussies and tight asses hard style in this exquisite update today. Like always we hope you enjoy every picture in this gallery and rest assured we’ll be back next time with more. If you liked this cutie check out http://vintageflash.org/ blog and enjoy watching other hot mature ladies riding big cocks! Bye guys and like always stay tuned for more kayparker sex galleries.


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Kay Parker Anal Destruction

Today is a special day, as we have some very nice and sexy Kay Parker anal pictures for you. It’s yet another scene from one of her movies where she and another lady were having their way with another lucky guy that the two busty women picked up at the bar. The dude knew he lucked out with both women, and as they were walking home his mind was already wandering at all the fun he’d get to have with them when they arrive home. And even from the start the ladies took of their clothes and simply asked which one he’d prefer to have first, just like in Lady Sonia cumshot video.

And since he couldn’t decide on he should fuck Kay first or her friend, she just let the women take turns how ever they wanted. So the two sexy vixens seated him on the couch all the while they were both sucking his big cock to get him nice and hard. After which you’ll be able to see them ride his cock like the true professionals that they are. And as a treat for the end the ladies let him blow his jizz load all over their tits too. Enjoy everyone and see you next time!


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Kay Parker Taboo

Continuing last update’s Kay Parker taboo sex session, it’s time to see just what the two lusty women did to the poor masseur to have their fun. Well it’s obvious that Kay and her hot blonde friend had to take turns riding the dude’s big cock as , well there was only one dick for two very horny and sexy women. After both of them sucked his cock to make him nice and hard, Kay took the first turn riding the guy’s eager cock in this gallery. And she was having way too much fun, since her friend had to resume to kissing the guy and fondling her friend’s big tits.

Sure enough Kay had to turn over the cock to her friend, as she was also eager to take her turn riding that meat pole. And it seemed to turn like this sort of race where the women were trying to surpass each other in riding that cock faster and harder. Sure enough the poor guy reached his limit eventually and the two women lined up nicely for him to blow off his load all over their pretty faces and big tits. We hope you enjoyed, and see you soon.


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Kay Parker’s Special Massage

For this one Kay Parker spends a relaxing afternoon at a massage parlor along with her friend Ana again. Even though there was a guy there to do the job, the two women really wanted to get into some fun with him. So Ana asked him to show her how he does his job massaging women.

So he started explaining to her while she was massaging Kay Parker ‘s big boobs. And this was just their ruse to get him turned on enough to want to fuck them both. And she was putting every word he was saying to the test playing around with Kay’s tits, until it was kind of obvious that he was turned on too. At that point Kay just grabbed his cock from his pants pulling it out and started sucking on it while her short blonde haired friend was kissing him passionately. Enjoy everyone or enter the http://ladysonia.me/ site if you wanna see another busty mature lady showing off her tits and getting screwed!


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Sexy Red Lingerie

For this update we have the retro porn star Kay Parker wearing a very sexy set of red lingerie. This beauty sure knew how to turn guys on even in her day, and even more so now. This retro milf still looks hot as hell and it’s no wonder why she’s not likely to be forgotten soon.

As a piece of back-story, this was the outfit that she wore in one  of the movies she starred in. So without any more delays enjoy miss Kay’s gallery as she’s stripping out of her smoking hot outfit today. And don’t worry you’ll also get to see her hairy wet pussy too, she’s not one do leave you waiting. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy this update as much as the others, your feedback was amazing and we plan on bringing this retro porn star back into the lime lights once more, in our future updates.


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Kay Parker Porno – Lesbian Encounter

This week’s update features some very nice Kay Parker porno sessions with one of the vintage porn star’s best friends. Seems that big breasted miss KayParker wanted to get involved into some nice and sensual girl on girl action today. So she called one of her best friends in in this scene. Her friend’s name is Ana and she’s a blonde with short hair , along with some boobs just one measure smaller than Kay. You can watch them later today on www.matureretro.org as well! So for this one you get to see two big breasted retro milfs have fun together in their sex session for the afternoon.

As soon as Ana arrived the two women started kissing right from the doorway, and Kay locked the door behind her friend so they wouldn’t get disturbed by anything during their fun times. So without further due, sit back and enjoy the sexy women go all out on each other’s body in this awesome gallery. Ana knows how to push Kay’s buttons, and starts massaging her body and licking her pussy before passing to doing anything else. After which she uses her expert tongue to lick her friend’s pussy like it’s her favorite ice cream. See you next time everyone with more of this sexy retro porn star!


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Kay Parker Porn Scene

For today’s Kay Parker porn update , the retro porn star brings you  scene from one of her movies where she was having her way with a hot stud. In this scene she is playing the role of a business woman that has taken a trip to unwind and relax. Kay was soon checked in her room , wondering what she’d have to to to start having fun. So an idea popped up. This hot 34F lady called room service just to see if she could snag herself a hot and attractive stud with her trick.

And sure enough when the room service guy reach the door, and entered she was right. The guy was just what she was looking for. So when he entered with the cart in she slipped behind him to lock the door. Not waiting for anything more she threw him on the bed taking off his clothes. She then took his cock in her mouth to get it nice and big, and prepped to penetrate her eager pussy. Watch her as she works the poor guy until he ends up blowing his load all over her ass. Enjoy everyone and see you soon with our next awesome update!


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